Advertising, Does it Work?

Advertising Makes everything possible

Advertising does work! It works wonders.

Ask Apple & Coca cola co.

How many times have you heard the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words”?
This holds true in all aspects of life, it unconsciously controls much of our actions as humans. Have you found yourself judging a restaurant or brand by it’s look? Saying “honey, I don’t want to eat there”? Without having any previous negative experience at that given place?

That is the power of Imagery.In an era where design meets functionality, We are constantly looking at which car looks best, what cellphone is the best looking with the mo features. Companies who understand the power of imagery and the importance of good design are the ones leading the world today. Apple makes relatively more revenue per product that its competitor Microsoft. Amazon has became the biggest online marketplace, And it all comes down to good imagery, and well thought out process where every point of contact with the end customer is well designed , user friendly and where every action becomes an experience.

You must take into consideration that images are extremely powerful, and make sure that you are constantly transmitting the right message to your clients, your audience, and even your employees.

You don’t need a billion dollars or a even a million to create a strong corporate identity! It all starts by hiring a graphic designer who specializes in corporate identity. Explain them exactly what it is that you want your business to transmit. Have them create your business logo, stationary (letterheads, envelopes, business cards, brochures, etc) website and any other promotional materials you intend to use. Make sure your name looks the same across all materials, remember you want people to remember you , your goal is to make a lasting impression.

After that’s all done the next step is to make sure that at all points of contact with your clients are used to reinforce the companies goals and values.Advertising is extremely powerful , whether you like it or not you are constantly transmitting a message or in other words advertising. So you might as well make sure you transmit the right message and use advertising to your benefit.There are many effective inexpensive ways to get your message out there and advertise your business.For help creating your corporate identity, advertising ideas and a custom  marketing plan for your business  contact us.

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