Printing: Screen Vs Digital

Each project raises the same questions over and over. How should my graphics be printed? What kind of ink lasts longer? How will my colors be affected ? Is digital printing more effective, what is the cheapest route?

How Should my graphics be printed?

That answer depends on the project at hand, it differs depending on how long you want the printed piece to last its purpose and whether it will have outdoor or indoor use. Because of this you should always take the time to explain your project in detail to your printing person and make sure they have the knowledge to advice you in the best printing method for your project.

It also depends on both the quality and the size of your graphics. The technology used to print a billboard it’s very different from the technology used to print business cards. Many print-shops have this knowledge, However many of them will try to push for whatever application is more convenient & profitable for them.  As rule of thumb your graphics should always be printed in a material specific to your needs using high quality substrates, inks and over laminates.

What kind of ink will last longer?

For outdoor use you will always want to make sure your printing company is not using dye inks and it’s either using solvent based inks or UV inks these inks will provide you longer durability against the sun and the heat.  You will also want your graphics to be protected with an overlaminate in the case of vehicle graphics, wall wraps and outdoor stickers. Outdoor banners do not need to be laminated, so long as they are printed using the inks mentioned above.

How will my colors be affected?

You will always see some color variation from substrate to substrate, and even within the same substrate. Colors are affected by many variables, such as the humidity of the printing environment, the temperature, the amount of ink in the printer, the color settings in the printer, the kind of ink used and so forth. Therefore, it is no realistic to expect the exact same color from one piece to another, but as long as you are working with a professional reliable company that uses color profiling technology you should get colors that are within an acceptable range.

If you need your graphics printed properly, using state of the art technology you can contact us. We promise to never sell you something that does not fit your needs to the best of our understanding. Our printing specialist will make sure your graphics are crisp, engaging and cost effective. Contact us for free advice on your printed materials