Printing Business Cards?

 Business cards, are one of the greatest, cheapest and most effective marketing tools available to anyone trying to make an impression. But, What makes your business card stand from the crowd? Have you taken the time to create a business card design that it’s both unique and appealing? Or have you gone down to your local discount print shop where you can get a free low quality, flea market looking design? Have you paid a designer to create something unique for your business? Are you relying on templates?  Have you taken the chance to think that your local print-shop will also provide the same exact design to the next person that walks in the door and asks for free design?
If you are going to be in business, you might as well do it right! It is relatively cheap to get a professional looking, unique design that tells a story about your business, and makes your company look as good as it should.
Here are a few things to look out for when getting your business cards, designed, & printed:
1.First of all, you must get a logo design specifically for your business, this logo should be used in all your printed pieces from this point on.
2.When hiring a graphic design firm, make sure to look at their portfolio to make sure their designs are both professional and unique
3.Make sure to explain your designer exactly what you feel your logo should look like. You should paint a clear mental picture so that they can transmit that into the design of your logo and card.
4.When you are happy with the design, make sure that your business cards are printed using premium stocks. Printing your business cards on cheap substrate, not only makes you look cheap, but it also makes your prospects question how much you actually care.
Your business cards should be printed on 14 or 16pt C2S cover. They look better with a Gloss uv coating, but if you need to be able to write on them you can also do a spot Uv option which allows you to pick an specific area where you would write.
If you follow this very simple steps your end product would be both unique and appealing, and you would be on your way to running a successful business.If you need help with the design or print of your business cards, postcards, brochures, banner , billboards or website, Email Us Now!