Consistent Custom Fleet Graphics to Increase Brand Awareness

You see them all over the road these days. Vehicles decked out in a custom wrap, promoting their business with vivid colors and a sleek design. The ability of high-quality custom fleet graphics to turn each mobile crew vehicle into a traveling billboard is a huge reason why this tactic is becoming so widely used. 

But this marketing method is not without its drawbacks. Just like customers grow to expect a consistent result across franchise restaurant meals or big retail clothing chains, people will expect that your custom fleet graphics are consistent across all vehicles. Depending on the skill level of your signage expert, this may or may not be feasible. 

Consistency is Key 

One of the most powerful components of branding is repetition. The more customers see your branding, the more they will come to associate your business with being a professional, capable outfit. After all, if you invest this much time into ensuring your vehicles are consistent, you surely provide the same level of diligence when creating your products or delivering services. This thought process is one of the secrets behind the power of custom fleet graphics

Of course, the different vehicle makes and models will have slight variations in how the wrap is applied to accommodate for structural differences. But aside from that, your graphics should be identical to produce the maximum effect. 

Finding the Right Style

business wrap installation on a van
Perfectly designed, consistent custom fleet graphics help improve brand awareness.

Once you’ve decided to invest in custom fleet graphics, it’s time for you to select the right style. This is a tricky process that involves multiple different factors about your business and fleet: 

  • Branding and fleet color scheme
  • The personality of your business
  • The consumer demographics you want to attract.

By partnering with experienced custom fleet graphics experts like Purple Flare, you can begin to unlock the branding potential of your commercial vehicles. Reach out to us today for a quote!