The Right Business Vehicle Wrap Placement for Your Vehicle

There’s no doubt that a business vehicle wrap is a powerful new marketing tool; they’re sleek, they’re attention-grabbing, and they add a whole new level of utility to commercial vehicles. But, just like any other marketing tactic, these wraps need to be applied appropriately to make them optimally effective. Just like an incorrectly-positioned or poorly-designed billboard will not have its intended effect, the same is true for custom fleet graphics. Location is everything. 

So, before embarking on the exciting journey of turning your commercial fleet into a mobile marketing force, it’s important that you understand the fundamentals of a properly-placed business vehicle wrap

Play with Placement and Position

The process of installing fleet graphics isn’t a one-and-done. It takes a lot of trial and error, constructive play if you will, to match a company’s branding, logo, and title to their fleet’s specific make and model. This can seem overwhelming at first, but it becomes easier and even enjoyable after a bit of practice. 

Instead of looking at the curves and lines of a vehicle as an impediment, think of them as materials that will help accentuate your business vehicle wrap

Get Creative

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Creativity is the essence of marketing. When you start to think outside of the box, you can identify solutions that weren’t apparent to you before. The same goes for a business vehicle wrap placement. Don’t automatically default to centering your logo on a door or hood; allow it to flow organically across the vehicle. Pretend that it’s been draped over the top and is spilling down the sides. 

The same goes for text placement. Don’t be afraid to venture off the beaten, straight path. As long as your important messaging is still easily readable, you can utilize all sorts of angles and shapes. 

If you’re getting overwhelmed by the process of placing your business vehicle wrap, reach out to Purple Flare today. Our expert technicians will provide you with a quote and walk you through the creative process step by step!