Don’t Risk That Gorgeous Paint Job, Use a Protection Film!

We’ve all been there. You go into your garage and become mesmerized by the sheer beauty of your car’s paint job. Then comes a sudden moment of worry. What if something happens to it? After all, you’re taking it out on the road. Flying debris on the street or people at parking lots opening their car’s door next to yours. There are many situations out there that can compromise your car’s appearance. Fortunately, you have an ally. A superior protection car film will give your paint job all the shielding it needs, without compromising its look. 

Film Materials

You’ve settled on having a car film installed. Great decision. Now you must ensure that you’re getting the best materials installed. Low-quality materials can end up causing damage to the paint job. Isn’t that precisely what you are trying to avoid? You want a film material that offers UV protection, is scratch-resistant and has long durability. Look no further than 8mm Urethane film. 

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Keep your car in the best shape possible for longer.


Urethane film goes on completely transparent, making your paint job the star of the show. This film has self-healing properties and offers protection for everything from bird droppings to acid rain. 


Leave this to professionals. Installing a superior protection car film takes a few steps. The car gets cleaned, and the surface prepped. The material is then carefully cut to fit all the sections without leaving a spot unprotected. An activator is added to ensure that the film will stick to the surface, and then the film is applied. This last section is truly an art, as it requires precise positioning of the film and careful attention to remove creases and bubbles. It’s almost ready to go; now it just needs time to dry.

A beautiful paint job deserves protection that doesn’t compromise its looks. Purple Flare Wraps offers you superior protection car films so that your ride looks like it just came out of the showroom every day you drive it.