When to Design a Partial Vehicle Wrap

Wraps don’t have to be done with the traditional full vehicle method. A partial vehicle wrap or decal can make a great option. Let’s talk about what kind of vehicle wrap is right for your fleet.

A Full Vehicle Wrap

A vehicle wrap is created by graphic designers to fit the design and style of any vehicle. It must be designed with the specific curves or flat areas of the vehicle in mind. It is printed on a specific type of vinyl wrap plus laminate. We take this layer and install, or “wrap”, it directly onto the vehicle. If you have seen a branded vehicle, it is often not a paint job, but a precise vehicle wrap. A full vehicle wrap covers the entire painted area of the vehicle, sometimes even the back or rear windows, and does not damage the paint underneath. This will show your branding clearly to anyone who sees your vehicle.

A Partial Vehicle Wrap

A partial vehicle wrap can be used when your vehicle’s paint can match the branding of your business and be incorporated into the design. This is commonly done on the hood, back, or side of the vehicle. A partial on the hood of a car can be seen in the rear window, or if a car is parked. Even though it will look amazing, unless your target market is a helicopter pilot, not many will see this advertisement. If applied to the back of the vehicle, the cars driving behind can also see it, reaching more of an audience. The best spot for a partial vehicle wrap is on the side. It can be clearly seen whenever parked, and any car driving by can see your branding clearly. 

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